Tetrahedron D4 Clear Quartz Crystal Sacred Geometry Platonic Solids T35

  • $ 45.20

Weight: 445.00 carats or 89.00 grams - more or less

Size: 48.00 mm by 52.30 or 1.88 inches by 2.05 - more or less

Tetrahedron D-4 

Four faces - each is triangle - works with the element of Fire; Solar Plexus Chakra; key function is Manifestation; has all appearances of a pyramid; can sit on any face, and still be a balance - A harmonious energy working with the symbol of Trinity!

We use all natural, Brazilian quartz crystal; we select a high quality - awakened quartz crystal. Each tetrahedron is hand made, hand fashioned; and created with a mindful state of consciousness! We hope you enjoy the energy of these Beautiful Creations! Please note; you will receive the tetrahedron that you see in the pictures!

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