Natural Tangerine Quartz Lemurian Crystal Authentic Brazil 119

  • $ 29.00

Single terminated, bottom is rehealing/self-healing (close to re-termination); A Lovely natural quartz crystal; has a smaller double terminated growing on the side; a high energy – center point – “female"; a strong crystal to focus for “Extraction" work!

Weight: 500.00 carats or 100.00 grams - more or less
Length: 69.00 mm or 2 3/4 inch - more or less
Width: 38.00 mm or 1.50 inch - more or less
Thick: 28.00 mm or 1 1/8 inch - more or less
Type: “Female” - Power magnetic, center point - “female” - Receiving

The Beautiful quartz crystal you see in the pictures is the crystal you will receive for $29.00 USD -!

All natural single terminated, quartz crystal; this color – tangerine is totally natural in the ground permeation; color is derived from mostly hematite; the hematite (Blood Red in Greek) dispensed itself in the quartz and on the quartz during its evolutionary growth; these crystals are hand selected, and are the Premium crystals from our lot; most are excellent, collectible, high end specimens; good terminations (no damage); the crystal and/or crystals in the pictures are the ones that you will receive; Quartz, still one of my favorites from the mineral Kingdom; the Power, the Energy, the “magic” of quartz with the additional flavor of a mineral – Hematite, and color – Tangerine; great crystals to add to one’s collection, great crystals to add to one’s tool kit of energetic supplies! These crystals were mined in the summer of 2015 in Minas Gerais, Brazil; there are fairly limited quantities of these beauties!

Please note, that there are some minor nicks and “bruises” to some or most of these crystals; this happened naturally in the ground and rehealing – self healing has taken place; none of these are damaged by humans!

The crystal you see in these pictures is the one you will receive -!

I will note for each crystal if it's a male or female crystal; what this means is electrical or magnetic; what this means is how the crystal grew in the ground and what energy does this crystal most personify; this is basic crystallography, following electromagnetic principles; i.e.; male – female; Yang – Yin; giving – receiving; polarities of the same basic electromagnetic Principal! To determine this growth pattern; you find the lowest face; most crystals have six faces; you find lowest face, go to bottom of that face; then determine which way to the closest next step; if you go right, then it grew counterclockwise, counterclockwise is always an electrical force/energy or growth pattern; if you go left; then the crystal grew clockwise, which is always a magnetic force/energy, or principal, which makes it “female”! Have you ever noticed that most hurricanes, most tornadoes (above the equator) are moving in a counterclockwise direction – electrical – male – Yang – Principal! When you flush toilet water swirls counterclockwise, when you go to Brazil (below equator) and flush toilet, water swirls clockwise - magnetic - female - Yin - Principle! I will note along with weight – dimensions; either male - female and occasionally androgynous!

Tangerine quartz crystal: tangerine has to do with describing the natural color of this beautiful and unique quartz – ranging from an orange to orange/red color! The color is a result of mostly hematite and some limonite that blended with the quartz over its evolutionary journey! These beauties are from Minas Gerais, Brazil, South America! Quartz crystal, silicon dioxide, possesses the Piezoelectric and Pyroelectric qualities, quartz responds to pressure to heat and will respond and activate when held in one's hand, quartz can amplify and generate energy and is used for many applications! Tangerine Quartz has the added bonus of the qualities of hematite (in Greek means blood red). This unusual combination, is helpful in grounding and working to balance ones polarity/particular helpful in balancing the energetics of the blood! These crystals can be useful and expanding one's vitality and promote a sense of positive energy in one's Life. These beauties are a great tool!- -- - - -