Merkaba Vogel Aqua Aura Quartz .925 SS Sterling Silver Triangle Pendant 28mm

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This is a lovely Brazilian quartz merkaba pendant - which has been treated or infused with gold - a process called aqua aura. The pendant and bail is .925 Sterling Silver - completely surrounds the merkaba!

Please note: These pendants may have natural fractures/inclusions in the quartz from the being in the earth. The listing images show an example of this. They are not broken or cracked. Each pendant is hand produced, therefore edges may not be crisp/sharp as to preserve the integrity of the Merkaba.

About Merkabas:

“Mer” means Light

“ka” means Spirit

“ba” means Body

Sometime referred to as a three dimensional Star of David. This energetic sacred symbol (SACRED GEOMETRY) is as old as energy itself.

Rotating counter clockwise

Bringing in energies from the heavens. (masculine)

Rotating clockwise

bringing in energies from the earth. (feminine)

This union of the polarity of electrical force field (masculine), rotating counter clockwise and with the magnetic force field (feminine) rotating clockwise, is helpful for us to be ever mindful of creating balance in our life endeavors.

About Aqua Aura - from Melody’s Love Is In the Earth; copyright 1995; 2008 printing - page 542: “It (aqua aura) has been used extensively to cleanse and to smooth the aura, to activate all chakras, and to release negativity from ones emotional physical, intellectual, and spiritual bodies.”

The amazing quality of quartz, infused with Pure Gold through a true molecular bonding makes this an amazing merkaba to wear in the form of a pendant. 

The chain is a 20 inch round snake chain; base metal - silver toned. It is complimentary with the purchase of the pendant!


28mm - 30 carats or 6.00 grams - more or less

NOTE: These are all natural gemstones, each type of gemstone has great variance in the color, the striations of patterning, we have taken pictures of a fairly common representation, and we take great care in selecting material that you will be happy with; please give us the grace of slight variations from the picture - and we guarantee that you will be happy with our selection!

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