Merkaba Kabbalah Bead Red Goldstone Hand Carved Gemstone 17mm Jewelry Craft

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30.0 cts. Merkaba Bead Kabbalah Goldstone 17mm - MB211

Goldstone; this lovely merkaba bead is hand made and drilled with a 2.00mm hole more or less; they are popular and beautiful to wear; each bead is unique and hand made and vary slightly in size; - A BUY NOW Beauty - - - WORLDWIDE

Size: 17.00mm x 17.00mm or .663 inch - more or less (same diameter as a penny)
Weight 30.00 carats or 6.0 grams - more or less

“Mer” means Light

“ka” means Spirit

“ba” means Body

Sometime referred to as a three dimensional Star of David. This energetic sacred symbol (SACRED GEOMETRY) is as old as energy itself.

Rotating counter clockwise
Bringing in energies from the heavens. (masculine)

Rotating clockwise
Bringing in energies from the earth. (feminine)
This union of the polarity of electrical force field (masculine), rotating counter clockwise and with the magnetic force field (feminine) rotating clockwise, is helpful for us to be ever mindful of creating balance in our life endeavors.

GOLDSTONE: PIZZAZZ Goldstone: It is purported that for centuries there were a group of monks who secretly held the recipe for creating goldstone. Through the years goldstone has maintained its allure of collectibility and its perceived value. Red goldstone is a type of glittering glass (mostly silica – i.e. quartz) with a copper base ionic coloration and conductivity. Blue goldstone is also a type of glittering glass (mostly silica – i.e. quartz) with a cobalt ionic coloration. It is a fun stone to own with all of its magical qualities.

PLEASE NOTE: These Merkabas are hand produced. We wanted to let you know the tips and edges are rounded and are not crisp and pointed. Crisp and pointed Merkabas were breaking and being chipped so easily that we had to began to round the tips and edges in order to preserve the integrity of the Merkaba.

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