Macrame Necklace Custom Real Hematite Authentic Collector Necklace 1HT

  • $ 29.00

Macrame Necklace - this is Beautiful, intricately hand “woven” into a simple and yet powerful pattern; each rock/crystal is carefully woven around and the ends are delicately knotted into an adjustable necklace; a unique necklace; the art of macrame goes back many centuries and can be found in many cultures; this macrame beauty is hand made with waxed thread - 100% polyester - the stones are 100% natural, authentic stones from Minas Gerais, Brazil -

Please note: You will receive the necklace that you see in the pictures.

Weight: 82.00 carats or 16.40 grams - more or less

Length: 1.30 inch or 33.02 mm - more or less

Width: .50 inch or 12.70 mm - more or less

Adjustable cord length to 30 inches or 762 mm - more or less

HEMATITE: GROUNDING Hematite: (or Iron oxide) dense – metallic – gun metal gray; Most well known as an aid in grounding (creating stability and equilibrium through out the body) and also well known for helping to dissolve and transform “negativity”. A stone that just feels good to hold.-