Lot of 4 Tibetan Scepter Natural Clear Quartz Crystal Point Jewelry SCQ204

  • $ 18.94

Weight: 31.69 carats or 6.338 grams (combined weight)

Length: from 25mm to 28mm (.975 inch to 1.092 inch) - more or less

Width: from 8mm to 12mm (.312 inch to .468 inch) - more or less

These quartz scepters (sometimes spelled - sceptres) are all natural specimens. They are from a collection that I obtained over 20 years ago. These quartz scepters originate from TIBET, and they were dug over 20 years ago. The ones that I am listing is all that I have.

I like these scepters because of theirs Location. I enjoy the energy of Tibetan sourced minerals. In general, I like scepters because of their unusual growth formation. Each crystal is always just a little bit different than the next. A scepter often times is a "normal" crystal on top and a rod or stem looking shape on the bottom; definitely a staggered growth pattern.

These quartz crystals are ideal for grid layouts, body work, "medicine" bags, jewelry making and overall the value of their collectibility.

Melody in her book Love is in The Earth, eleventh printing 2000, page 532 says: that sceptres - are crystals that are - "excellent configuration for transmission of directional energy" and "were used in Atlantis and Lemuria in healing ceremonies - especially for directed energy deep within the "heart" of the matter!"

As far back as ancient Egypt, the sceptre has been associated with authority and focused, intentional, directed energy; a powerful Symbol!-