Lot of 3 Rhino Elephant Panther Amethyst Gemstone Quartz Crystal Miniature 192

Lot of 3 Rhino Elephant Panther Amethyst Gemstone Quartz Crystal Miniature 192

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Miniature Rhino Elephant Panther Collection Real Amethyst 192 -

Please Note: That the three carvings that you see in the picture are the actual carvings that you will receive.

The Rhinoceros displaying amazing Power and a steadiness of confidence has the appearance of definitely being a descendant from a time period long, long ago. The Rhinoceros lives in same family groups and sometimes even alone. As a Totem Rhinoceros represent in inherent Strength and can easily defend itself. Rhinoceroses are a very balanced symbol displaying great Self Knowledge.

The Elephant first and foremost is a kind and majestic lord of the plains and the jungles; being giant of stature the Elephant is a Totem symbolizing inherent strength, having your feet on the ground with intelligence, knowledge, and a strong sense of confidence. 

The Panther is a powerful Guardian Totem. The Panther is associated with a feminine inner power and historically is aligned as a Lunar symbol. The Panther moves through life quietly and thoughtfully with potency and power. Panthers typically maneuver throughout the shadows and can help a person to successfully work on their own shadow side; to hunt it down and face it with strength.

Please pay attention to the awesome detail of the workmanship of each individual carving. You will be pleased to add these to your collection! Also please be aware of - - WORLDWIDE - A BUY NOW MUST!

SPECIAL NOTE: Please be aware that the size of these carvings are considered miniatures or some people would call it the babies. This is natural amethyst, not treated and not color enhanced in any way. These are very collectible and a limited edition. Please pay attention to the awesome detail of each carving which is unique upon itself. 

NOTE: These are all natural gemstones, each type of gemstone has great variance in the color, the striations of patterning, we have taken pictures of a fairly common representation, and we take great care in selecting material that you will be happy with; please give us the grace of slight variations from the picture - and we guarantee that you will be happy with our selection!

Size: 2cm [3/4 inch] (more or less)

Weight: 5 to 6 grams (more or less)

Thick: 3/8 inch (more or less)

AMETHYST: SOVEREIGNTY, ROYALTY Amethyst: natural purple, a variety of quartz. With the manganese present in quartz the color of purple is gained, various of degrees of iron will vary the purple color. Amethyst the “Royalty” of stones associated with spirituality, soul transformation, peace, calming with a high frequency.

 _gsrx_vers_634 (GS 6.9.8 (634))