Lot 9 Purple Amethyst Crystal Points Natural Brazil Raw Quartz Gemstone APTS120

  • $ 18.94

Weight: 228.00 carats or 45.70 grams (collectively)

Length: Average 20mm to 45mm (5/8 inch to 1 3/8 inch) - more or less

Width: Average 15mm to 25mm (.50 inch to 9/16 inch) [Tapered Crystals] - more or less

These 9 beautiful Amethyst Crystal points - 100% natural; from Brazil; they are beautiful amethyst crystals in good condition and good points; the Crystals in this picture are the ones you receive; each crystal is totally natural; they grow in a slightly tapered shape; these crystal points are great for jewelry, great for "medicine" bags; these are high energy "jewels"; also ideal for energy work - energy grids - and body layouts; these are the beauties you are buying

Amethyst - natural purple variety of quartz; Manganese in quartz produces amethyst while various degrees of iron will vary the coloration. All natural gemstone. Crown Chakra. Associated with spirituality and contentment; soul transformation; peace, calming with a high frequency.

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