Lizard Hematite Hand Carved Gemstone Animal Tiny Totem Statue Stone

  • $ 12.00

The Lizard is most represented as a symbol of ancient knowledge. As a Totem helping one get in touch with their own divinity and stepping into their own vital life force. The Lizard can definitely help one evoke and appreciate the value of "Dreamtime".
Please note: We have provided images to illustrate the great variance that occurs with this natural stone. Each specimen is unique and varied from each other. We take extra care and hope that you enjoy our selection!
Length: 22.00 mm or 0.86 inches - more or less
Width: 54.00 mm or 2.51 inches - more or less
Weight: 10.50 grams - more or less
Each hand carved sculpture is unique.
Hematite - iron oxide; Crystallizes in rhombohedral form. Colors include gray/black to red/brown, all with metallic luster. All natural gemstone. Brings balance to Yin-Yang. Aids in grounding, creating stability and equilibrium through out the body. Helps to dissolve and transform negativity. Enhances mental capability and extinguish self limiting concepts in the mind.
NOTE: Gemstones have great variance in the color, and striations of patterning. We have taken pictures of a fairly common representation and take great care in selecting material that you will be happy with; please give us the grace of slight variations from the picture - and we guarantee that you will be happy with our selection!
 _gsrx_vers_811 (GS 7.0.9 (811))
 _gsrx_vers_811 (GS 7.0.9 (811))