Lepidolite Polished DT Point Pendant 925 Sterling Silver SS

  • $ 18.20

Weight: 27.00 carats or 5.40 grams - more or less

Size (includes Bail): 45.70 mm or 1.80 inch - more or less

Width (slight taper): 7.60 mm or 0.30 inch - more or less

All natural , polished into crystal shape point pendant; .925 Sterling Silver with free 20 inch round snake (silver plate over copper) - wth lobster claw;

Sterling Silver, .925 purity, Pendant; hand crafted in Minas Gerais, Brazil:

Lepidolite forms in crystalized masses. The color ranges from purple and pink to yellow and white. Useful for activating the throat, heart, and third eye chakra. Helps one transition through variability life and stress reduction. Also assits in locating energy blockages in ones body, self love, and honesty and openess.

NOTE: Gemstones have great variance in the color, and striations of patterning. We have taken pictures of a fairly common representation and take great care in selecting material that you will be happy with; please give us the grace of slight variations from the picture - and we guarantee that you will be happy with our selection!

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