Large Vogel Cut Brazilian Amethyst 12 sided DT Quartz Crystal Point 322ct 159

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Vogel - Brazil Amethyst - 12 sided cut DT - 322 ct - Healing - #159

This beautiful Vogel – 12 sided cut, double terminated beauty is all natural - high grade - Brazilian Amethyst; great care has gone into selecting the amethyst used to create these Vogel Beauties!

These are high grade beauties – the best pieces that we could gather!

I used to Live in Sherman Oaks, California, and attended the first few Whole Life Expo’s that were held in LA and San Francisco. It was there, that I first met Dr. Vogel - Marcel Vogel, at a workshop that he was conducting on the “healing” qualities and capabilities of quartz crystal. I became interested in his work and the Vogel “cuts” that he was creating with quartz crystals. I soon after, went to Brazil, and found a like minded quartz cutter who very mindfully began producing the Vogel “cuts” for me. 

The 12 sided crystal is a great tool to magnify the already existing power contained in the quartz. The purpose is to be used in the “healing” process; helping focus a “Life force” energy, concentrating it and transforming it to a higher vibrational level! The crystals help the user to amplify and focus thought with energy in an intelligently directed and focused fashion - for oneself or another!

Clear your crystal of all predecessor energies; then invoke Love and Light and focused Healing Intention/s into your crystal!

Have fun with your crystal. Enjoy your crystal. And many blessings to you in the “work” that you will do with this crystal!

Weight: 322.00 cts or 64.40 grams - (more or less)

Length: 76.00 mm or 3.00 inch - (more or less)

Width: from 19.00 mm to 25.00 mm or from 3/4 inch to 1.00 inch - taper - (more or less)

Please Note: The pictures that you see in this listing are the pictures of the crystal that you will receive. We have provided multiple pictures to show you the different angles and dimensions of this crystal.

AMETHYST: SOVEREIGNTY, ROYALTY Amethyst: natural purple, a variety of quartz. With the manganese present in quartz the color of purple is gained, various of degrees of iron will vary the purple color. Amethyst the “Royalty” of stones associated with spirituality, soul transformation, peace, calming with a high frequency.

 _gsrx_vers_625 (GS 6.9.7 (625))

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