Giant Opalite Circle of Life Pendant Hand Carved Gemstone I Ching Necklace

  • $ 9.20

Opalite Circle: The Circle of Life;

A Symbol of Yin-female energy; a symbol of how life does move with circularity; spinning, rotating and moving forward to what once was; the enigma of life represented by this pure, simple, circle of hematite; grounding, and helps one to be cognizant of simplicity is perfection! Enjoy wearing, and having to hold, and touch-

Round: 48.90mm or 1.90 Inches- more or less

Weight: 112.00 carats or 22.40 grams (more or less)

*Durable, black cord (30 inches)

Opalite - opalised glass; Colors vary depending on viewing angle, Beautiful milky blue when held to the light, radiates a golden hue from within. Helps to bring forth greater understanding of our true inner spirit; Promotes tranquility and encourages psychic abilities; Opalite even though synthetic in nature is a highly prized and sought after gemstone for it glows in its own radiant beauty.
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