Gemstone Merkaba Keychain Asst Quartz Crystal Jasper Hand Carved Totem Stone [Tiger Eye]

Gemstone Merkaba Keychain Asst Quartz Crystal Jasper Hand Carved Totem Stone [Tiger Eye]

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Hand Carved Gemstone Merkaba Keychain - Quartz - Jasper - -

Beautiful Merkaba keychains, in beautiful stones; a wonderful way to garner the energy of the Merkaba. These keychains are created with a very small hole drilled through the Merkaba, with a pin, running through it. The security of this is not substantial enough to use these like you was a normal keychain. They will not endure the rigors of everyday use! They are more of an experiment in creation, and there are a limited quantity available. They are a collectible, special keychain. I use mine, for special occasions; otherwise I have it hanging in a place that I can see it on a regular basis. When I see it; it is a mental stimulator; a reminder of the Merkaba energy.  I personally like this reminder!

These Merkaba keychains are different and unique. They are collectible and a great gift for the Sacred Geometry Lovers!

Buy it Now! Limited Quantities!

“Mer” means Light

“ka” means Spirit

“ba” means Body

Sometime referred to as a three dimensional Star of David. This energetic sacred symbol (SACRED GEOMETRY) is as old as energy itself.

Rotating counter clockwise

Bringing in energies from the heavens. (masculine)
Rotating clockwise

bringing in energies from the earth. (feminine)
This union of the polarity of electrical force field (masculine), rotating counter clockwise and with the magnetic force field (feminine) rotating clockwise, is helpful for us to be ever mindful of creating balance in our life endeavors.

Clear Quartz weighs 28.00 carats or 5.6 grams (more or less)

Green Unakite weighs 38.00 carats or 7.6 grams (more or less)

Opalite weighs 26.00 carats or 5.2 grams (more or less)

Picture Jasper weighs 31.00 carats or 6.2 grams (more or less)

Red Jasper weighs 34.00 carats or 6.8 grams (more or less)

Rhodonite weighs 38.00 carats or 7.6 grams (more or less)

Rose Quartz weighs 34.00 carats or 6.8 grams (more or less)

Turquoise weighs 22.00 carats or 4.4 grams (more or less)

Tiger's Eye weighs 32.00 carats or 6.4 grams (more or less)

17mm (5/8 inch) x 17mm (5/8 inch) - more or less

PLEASE NOTE: These Merkabas are hand produced. We wanted to let you know the tips and edges are rounded and are not crisp and pointed. Crisp and pointed Merkabas were breaking and being chipped so easily that we had to began to round the tips and edges in order to preserve the integrity of the Merkaba.

CLEAR QUARTZ: PURITY, INFINITY Quartz (clear): silicon dioxide crystallizing in mass formation to beautiful crystal shapes. Quartz has been used through out the ages in a myriad of cultures and religions. Quartz has both piezoelectric and pyroelectric properties. Today quartz is used in a variety of industries. Quartz is considered to be one of the most magical of all stones. It is said to be a transformer of the etheric, other worldly realms into the physical.

Opalite - is a trade name for synthetic opalised glass - a beautiful milky blue when held to the light, radiates a golden hue from within; it is said that opalite help’s one in bringing forth greater understanding of our true inner spirit; opalite is said to help promote tranquility and encourage psychic abilities; opalite even though synthetic in nature is a highly prized and sought after gemstone for it glows in its own radiant Beauty;

TURQUOISE: COMMUNICATION, ATTUNING, HEALING Turquoise: this is actually a stone called Howlite, which has been color enhanced with color of turquoise – Howlite is a great stone to have around for the reduction of stress and rage, aids in calming and expressing ones identity.

Picture Jasper - as well as being a super nurturer; picture jasper helps to stimulate memory or recall of messages or “mental pictures” from days gone by; thus helpful to ones shamanic journeying and useful in dream recall;

Tiger Eye - the beautiful - brilliant, chatoyant - brown - earth - element - cat’s eye - gemstone - very popular and known by many - tiger eye helps establish clarity, making sense out of scattered energy; promotes practicality in one’s thinking process and is useful in generating a vibration of calm and soothing energy!

Unakite - pink feldspar with green epidote and often times quartz - according to Melody in her book Love Is In the Earth, eleventh printing, 2000 edition, page 674: unakite “can be used to enhance visions on the ethereal plane”; “acts to balance the emotional body, bringing it into alignment with the higher forces of spirituality”; “can facilitate the re-birthing process”; “help go to root cause of dis-ease” and “can be used to enhance weight gain“ to those areas that one may deem necessary - An awesome stone of Beauty and uses!

Red Jasper: according to Melody in her book Love Is In the Earth, eleventh printing, 2000 edition, page 348: “red jasper has been “used to assist one in rectifying unjust circumstances”; “assist in providing rescue in situations of danger”; “facilitate the reiteration of dreams”; “for access during states of meditation”; “prevent “set backs” in disorders”; “eliminate digression” - overall, red jasper can be a very helpful stone in one’s growth process!
RHODONITE: ONENESS Rhodonite consists of Manganese iron magnesium silicate – Sometimes is called the “stone of Love”, helping a person to achieve their greatest potential in affairs of the particularly. This stone is said to help one in relating to the “oneness” of humanity. Our carvings contain a lot of quartz which is an enhancer.

ROSE QUARTZ: OPEN HEART, LOVE Rose Quartz: notorious for stimulating and promoting Love, helps in opening heart to compassion, a naturally pink stone.

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