Gargoyle Pink Rose Quartz Hand Carved Gemstone Animal Totem Statue Stone

Gargoyle Pink Rose Quartz Hand Carved Gemstone Animal Totem Statue Stone

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The ever powerful Gargoyle does find its roots in ancient Egypt and Greece. Most often symbolizing a Strength in relationship to Protection. Gargoyles are associated with the Medieval time period of our history. Throughout history Gargoyles have taken on a variety of appearances from lion heads to horse heads and some times demonic looking in nature. As a Totem Gargoyles represent an innate sense of strength with protection, often times blended with Magic and supernatural powers.

Rose Quartz - quartz with traces of titanium, iron, or manganese; Naturally pink stone. All natural gemstone. Heart Chakra. Balances the love emotions of the upper four chakras, heart, throat, brow and crown. Rejuvenates both emotions and the physical body. Stimulates and promotes love, and opening heart to compassion. Helps bring calm and peace to personal relationships.

Each hand carved sculpture is unique.

Height: 57.00 mm or 2.25 inches - more or less
Width: 42.00 mm or 1.65 inches - more or less
Weight: 45.00 grams - more or less

NOTE: Gemstones have great variance in the color, and striations of patterning. We have taken pictures of a fairly common representation and take great care in selecting material that you will be happy with; please give us the grace of slight variations from the picture - and we guarantee that you will be happy with our selection!
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