Faceted 6 Sided Clear Quartz .925 Sterling Silver Pendant Hand Carved

  • $ 18.20


Beautiful Natural Clear Quartz pendant; this is high end - natural Brazilian clear quartz; this has been cut and multi faceted into 6 sides from top to bottom and polished into a single terminated tapered point with sterling silver cap - bail; .925 Sterling Silver; a very nice quartz pendant; quartz is so very multi-purposeful energetic stone; this is a well made pendant; a FREE 20 inch round snake chain (with lobster claw) is included - chain is silver plate over copper - A BUY NOW Beautiful Pendant - -

NOTE: These are all natural gemstones, each type of gemstone has great variance in the color, the striations of patterning, we have taken pictures of a fairly common representation, and we take great care in selecting material that you will be happy with; please give us the grace of slight variations from the picture - and we guarantee that you will be happy with our selection!

Weight: 24.00 ct. or 4.80 grams - more or less

length: 34.90mm or 1 3/8 inch - more or less

Width: 12.70mm or .50 inch - more or less

CLEAR QUARTZ: PURITY, INFINITY Quartz (clear): silicon dioxide crystallizing in mass formation to beautiful crystal shapes. Quartz has been used through out the ages in a myriad of cultures and religions. Quartz has both piezoelectric and pyroelectric properties. Today quartz is used in a variety of industries. Quartz is considered to be one of the most magical of all stones. It is said to be a transformer of the etheric, other worldly realms into the physical.