Elephant Sodalite with Dalmatian Jasper Log Hand Carved Gemstone Animal Totem

  • $ 15.00

The Elephant first and foremost is a kind and majestic lord of the plains and the jungles; being giant of stature the Elephant is a Totem symbolizing inherent strength, having your feet on the ground with intelligence, knowledge, and a strong sense of confidence.

NOTE: These are all natural gemstones, each type of gemstone has great variance in the color, the striations of patterning, we have taken pictures of a fairly common representation, and we take great care in selecting material that you will be happy with; please give us the grace of slight variations from the picture - and we guarantee that you will be happy with our selection!

This Elephant is unique and a hand carved sculpture.
Length: 6cm (2 1/2 inches) - more or less
Width: 4cm (1 1/2 inches) - more or less
Weight: 76.40 grams o 382.00 carats - more or less

Sodalite - Blue - awakener of the 3rd eye; eliminates confusion, prophetic dreaming; according to Melody in her book Love Is In the Earth, eleventh printing, 2000 edition, page 608: sodalite can “provide one with access to sacred laws of the universe; calmly presenting the ideas, stimulating thought, and allowing the subtle feelings to permeate the center of one’s being. The “Knowing” comes without the “work” - how wonderful!”

DALMATIAN JASPER: NURTURER Dalmatian Jasper: same qualities as other forms of jasper, a “supreme nurturer” by service to others in their journey through life. Dalmatian jasper contains spots just like the dalmatian dog making it a rather unique stone to look at and own.