Dodecahedron D12 Natural Pink Rose Quartz .925 Sterling Silver Pendant

  • $ 16.40

Weight: 9.20 grams (more or less)
Dimensions: 27.00mm x 27.00mm (more or less)

Sacred Geometry: One of the famed Platonic Solids; these beautiful natural rose quartz (stone of Love - energy from the heart); a 12 sided (d-12) pentagon-all faces, with three meeting at each vortex - "Some, have said the Universe is in the shape of a dodecahedron - some say "God" used this shape to model the twelve divisions of the zodiac" Wikipedia - The shape itself has appeared throughout history for a few thousand years; a popular shape (a Blank D-12) for one of the die in role playing games; a revered shape in the mystical world for centuries; these Beautiful Pendants are made with the best quartz that is commercially available; the bail is .925 Sterling Silver, and a 20" silver plated over copper chain is included in this price; these are handmade in Brazil; each one is uniquely different in that they many vary by 2-4mm in dimensional size - They are a Lovely pendant, holding the shape and space of this famed Platonic Solid (Blank D-12) Sacred Geometric Pattern - BUY NOW Pendant with chain --!

ROSE QUARTZ: OPEN HEART, LOVE Rose Quartz: notorious for stimulating and promoting Love, helps in opening heart to compassion, a naturally pink stone.
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