Dice Fluorite Hand Carved Gemstone Pendant Necklace D6

  • $ 8.30


Please Note: This dice pendant is a unique and hand carved sculpture. We use authentic gemstones. Natural stones do have a variance in coloration and striations. We provide great care in the selection of our products.

Please Be Aware - All fluorite cutting rough is different in that the coloration is different for each pendant. This fluorite will not be necessarily like the picture, although, it will be a nice fluorite pendant. If you are not sure about this, then please pass on the purchase - Thank You - Management

Height: 40mm [1 1/4 inch] (more or less)
Width: 17mm [5/8 inch] (more or less)
Weight: 6.2 grams (more or less)
*Durable, adjustable black cord (18 - 34 inches)

FLUORITE: STABILITY Fluorite "Stone of the Mind" bringing stability, discernment and aptitude to situations in one's life. also known for enhancing "dream-time".