Clear Quartz Hexahedron Gemstone Pendant Blank D6 Cube Sacred Geometry Necklace

  • $ 8.30


Please Note: This pendant is a unique and hand carved sculpture. We use authentic gemstones. Natural stones do have a variance in coloration and striations. We provide great care in the selection of our products.

Our listing photo is a representation of the product quality and shape. Each pendant is unique. 

Height: 0.50 Inches or 15.80 MM (more or less)

Width: 0.50 Inches or 15.80 M (more or less)

Weight: 5.00 grams or 25.00 Carats (more or less)

*Durable, adjustable black cord (18 - 34 inches)

Quartz - silicon dioxide crystallizing in prismatic hexagonal crystals; “Quartz has both piezoelectric (pronounced pie-ee-zo) and pyroelectric properties; the polarity of the quartz crystal will change when it is subjected to pressure or heat, as well as when it is held in the hand - the tip, normally positive and receiving energy, will then change and become negative, thus emitting energy which will radiate from the tip or from an edge... Quartz can be used to dispel static electricity... produces a naturally balanced, solid-state energy field... Quartz can be used to amplify body energy and thoughts... is said to bring the energy of the stars into the soul... harmonize and align human energies - thoughts, consciousness, emotions... connection between the physical dimension and the dimensions of the mind.... create altered states of consciousness... clear and activate the energy center of the body... ancient priests used quartz crystals to render negative energy impotent”. (Melody, 2000, p. 503-506)
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