Brazilian Purple Amethyst Quartz Gemstone Rune Set Hand Carved

  • $ 26.00


These runes, often called The Elder Futhark runes, consist of 25 stones; 24 contain inscriptions with one blank stone. (Blank stone denoting not yet known or a space in time.) The Futhark runes have a colorful and dated history. There are literally several hundred known inscriptions dating back to the first through the fifth century. The areas of what is now known as Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Scandinavian countries have yielded the greatest artifacts. Inscriptions were found on jewelry, utensils, weapons, bones and stones. Most were discovered in grave sites and bogs. Rune masters and rune users equally indulge in the throwing of the runes for the magical, practical, and playful applications they provide. Harry Potter fans like them for the LOTR (Lord of the Rings) soliloquy. WoW (World of Warcraft) enthusiasts find them fun and very often runes are used as markers. There are many good books available to teach you the throwing of the runes. Enjoy these gemstone treasures.

Weight: 220grams (almost 1/4kg)(almost 1/2lb) - more or less

The inscriptions are etched into the stone, then hand painted with an indelible gold paint. These amethyst pieces do have flat sides to them, however they have a lot of roundness to them, as you can see in the picture. Most pieces are 30mm (7/8 inch) by 20mm (5/8 inch) and up in dimensions, with a variance of weight from 6 grams up to 12 grams, more or less. All pieces are irregular shapes, allowing for the fluid and the flow of life. For the price, it is a decent grade of amethyst. All amethyst is Brazilian amethyst. Own, royalty, own Amethyst. Enjoy this set!

AMETHYST: SOVEREIGNTY, ROYALTY Amethyst is naturally purple, a variety of quartz. With the manganese present in quartz the color of purple is gained, various of degrees of iron will vary the purple color. Amethyst the “Royalty” of stones associated with spirituality, soul transformation, peace, calming with a high frequency.