Black Cat’s Eye Fiber Optic Sphere with Stand Sacred Geometry

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Crystal and gemstone balls have been used since medieval times for healing, cleansing, rituals, meditation, and decoration.

The Sphere emits energy in all directions equally, making it a useful tool to visualize the complete picture in all areas of ones Life.

Weight: 80 grams - more or less

Size: 40mm or 1.57 inches - more or less

Fiber Optics – Lightguide

Lightguide is another name for Fiber Optics. It is professed to be the most perfect micro-crystalline formation on the planet today, containing no impurities.

Lightguides are made from silicon dioxide (pure sand) and quartz powder combined together to make a hollow rod. This rod is 4/1000 to 8/1000 of an inch thick, smaller than a human hair. A heated gas (an inert gas, argon, non-reactive) is blown through the hollo rod to leave a thin deposit of ultra pure glass on the inside of the rod. The tube is then heated and collapsed into a solid rod with an ultra pure glass core. These rods act as “wires” for light.

Fiber Optic cable is a carrier of light. Television signals or radio signals or computer data or thought-intentful data is introduced then translated into light and carried through the cable. Because optical fiber does not conduct electricity and it is not effected by electromagnetic waves, it can be used in electrically hostile environments (like factories, power plants, etc.).

Light travels at a speed of 186,000 miles per second. Fiber optic cable relies upon a laser guided light beam. “Ordinary” light is all around us. This is the type of light that comes from normal light sources and the sun. We see this as white light. White light in this sense is actually a mixture of the basic colors of visible light. These colors (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet) form different combinations to produce all visible colors. What makes the laser light special is that it produces light that is both coherent and monochromatic. Coherent light has only one wavelength. Ordinary light has many different wavelengths that are all mixed up. Laser light is organized and monochromatic, which means it has only one color.

Fiber optics is to light as Copper is to electricity. As light travels through an optical fiber, it is constantly striking the inside walls of the material and is reflected at shallow, geometric angles. This internal reflection allows light to travel through the fiber even if it is bent around a corner.

A fiber optic cable equivalent in size to a copper wire can carry 40,000 messages simultaneously, compared to 3,700 for the copper wire. At present, a fiber optic cable is only capable of carrying about 20,000 messages due to technological limitations in encoders and decoders. In comparison with other communication systems, the telephone can carry 60,000 bits of information per second, FM radio carries 250,000 bits of information per second, television carries 6,000,000 bits per second and a laser beam can carry 100 billion bits of information per second. A fiber optic system will be able to transmit the equivalent of an encyclopedia set (24 volumes) of information (about 40 million words) in a single second. Among other advantages is the clarity of transmission which is far superior to any other methods.

The outside of fiber optics has a protective layer of silicon dioxide. This coating combined with various mineral oxides produce the many different brilliant colors available. The spectacular “cats eye” effect is the result of light interplaying off the geometrically formed angles.

Enjoy your Lightguide.

"The Urban Legend: The Roswell UFO Incident"

On July 8, 1947, the Roswell (Roswell, New Mexico, USA) Daily Record (local newspaper), has a front page headline reading "RAAF Captures Flying Saucer on Ranch in Roswell Region".

The story reported was that a UFO, space ship, flying saucer, extra-terrestrial spacecraft had crashed near Roswell, New Mexico. The space craft purported to have alien occupants. After the headlines in the local newspaper proclaimed this incident, the Unites States Armed Forces, quickly refuted the story. It was said to be weather balloons, or something explainable. Since that time it has been known as the Roswell Cover Up.

So, as the story goes, employees from our government entered the spacecraft, captured some aliens and so forth. Upon entering the vehicle, the majority of the interior of the craft was purported to be fiber optics. Having no idea what this material was; out government gave samples to Bell Laboratories.

Bell Laboratories studied and worked on reverse engineering, etc. for many years, (20 to 30 years) before finally figuring out the Fiber Optic mystery. Now being able to create it, use it and halfway understand its applications, Bell Laboratories gave it to Lucent Technologies, who then popularized and commercialized it into industrial - technological applications. 

The price of the fiber optic cable was extremely expensive while controlled by Lucent Technologies. Eventually, China learned how to produce it, and the price of production dropped and a plethora of uses are now employing fiber optics.

So, that is the Urban Legend about the origin of Fiber Optics!

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