Abalone Shell Mother Of Pearl Pendant Hand Carved Gemstone Jewelry Necklace Gift

  • $ 14.60

This necklace is silver toned (base metal)

Abalone Shell - Abalone are a soecies of marine snail. The inner layer of the Abalone shell is composed of nacre, also known as Mother Of Pearl, which makes it highly iridescent. Abalone are known to carry healing energies, promote imagination, and bring emotional balance. It is also associated with the first three chakras.

Height: 28.00 mm or 1.10 inches - more or less

Width: 50.30 mm or 1.70 inches - more or less

Weight: 31.00 carats or 10.00 grams - more or less

Includes FREE 20 inch round snake chain (with lobster claw) - chain is base metal (silver tone).

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