925 ct Natural Clear Quartz Polished Penetrator Crystal Point P22

  • $ 74.00

The crystal inside is very large with a nice termination. It’s 2.00 inches or 50.00 mm long and almost 1.00 inche or 25.00 mm wide.
This crystal is a real power crystal for “serious” work!

Weight: 925.00 carats or 185.00 grams (more or less)
Height: 63.00 mm or 2.50 inch (more or less)
Width: 63.00 mm or 2.50 inch (more or less)
Thick: 57.00 mm or 2.25 inch (more or less)

Please note that the crystal in the photos is the one that you will receive!

These quartz crystals are all natural quartz from Minas Gerais, Brazil. Each one has been polished to enhance its beauty. Each crystal has been cleaned and “Activated”!

Each of these beauties have a quartz point; i.e. quartz crystal growing inside. This is a rather unusual growth pattern. We call these penetrators, also known as manifestation crystals; some call them “child within”. The idea is that the person can “work” with one of these crystals to assist in realizing, attracting, and manifesting, into existence, one’s intention! They are a great tool for this type of creation, into one’s life. Each one is unique and different from the next; because of this they are highly collectable. Many people seek to have one in their collection.

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