675 ct Lot of 3 Green Emerald Crystal Clusters in Matrix from Bahia Brazil 160

  • $ 29.00

675 ct Emerald 3 Clusters - Green - Natural - Bahia, Brazil - - #160

You receive 3 individual emerald crystals in matrix, from world famous location in Bahia, Brazil - All 3 have awesome - deep rich emerald green color - crystals; all natural; ideal for someone wanting to work with the awesome energy of authentic emeralds -


Combined Weight 675.00 carats or 135.00 grams - more or less
Length from: 38.00mm or 1.50 inch to 44.00mm or 1.75 inch - more or less


Width from: 25.00mm or 1.00 inch to 38.00mm or 1.50 inch - more or less

Thickness from: 15.00mm or 5/8 inch to 28.00 or 1 1/8 inch - more or less


From Melody’s book Love Is In the Earth, copyright 1995; eleventh printing, 2000 edition, page 257: Emeralds: “can be used to open, to activate, and to stimulate the heart chakra, while helping to quiet the emotions. It is a stone to bring harmony to all areas of ones life.” and “It can be used to eliminate negativity from ones life and to bring forth the positive actions required to assist one in remaining centered in the practicality of ones life work.”


According to some experts - emeralds are valued and revered as the second most valuable crystal on the planet, next to diamonds.


Please note: We are providing several pictures, so that you can see the possibilities of these specimens. These specimens in the pictures are the ones you will receive.


This is an Awesome Buy Now Deal for $29.00 USD - for 3 clusters of authentic, Bahia, Brazil emeralds!


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