6 Dice Set RPG Real Amethyst Quartz Crystal Gemstone w Wooden Box Hand Made 101

  • $ 65.00

Six dice set – RPG – these are handmade and hand scribed from Authentic high grade Brazilian quartz crystal; handcrafted by Brazilian artisans. These are premium – collector set of 6 authentic gemstones dice. Each dice is etched in stone and then hand painted with indelible paint!

Note: This set comes with 2 quanity of d20s (icosahedron); does NOT contain any d12s (dodecahedron).

This is the last etched set of a project that I have been working on for several years. This set has been discounted to $65.00 USD. Wooden box has seven compartments (one will be left empty). We have taken great care in the creation of these RPG dice. These dice come in a handcrafted wooden (Brazilian wood) box; (The dice in the pictures are the ones that you will receive!) A Collector’s Edition – the Collectible Polyhedral Gemstone 6 die Set!

Combined Weight: 50.70 grams - more or less


d4 - 4 faces - tetrahedron
Weight: 6.15 grams - 20.60 mm - more or less

d6 - 6 faces - hexahedron

Weight: 9.90 grams - 16.25 mm - more or less

d8 - 8 faces - octahedron

Weight: 7.95 grams - 24.65 mm - more or less

d10 - RPG - shape

Weight: 7.00 grams - 17.40mm - more or less

d20 - 20 faces - icosahedron

Weight: 8.40 grams - 22.00mm - more or less

d20 - 20 faces - icosahedron

Weight: 11.30 grams - 11.30mm - more or less

Amethyst - natural purple variety of quartz; Manganese in quartz produces amethyst while various degrees of iron will vary the coloration. All natural gemstone. Crown Chakra. Associated with spirituality and contentment; soul transformation; peace, calming with a high frequency.

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