505 cts Lot of 2 Gemmy Emerald Crystals in Matrix from Bahia Brazil EM143

  • $ 29.00

505 cts. (combined) 2 - Gemmy Crystals - Bahia, Brazil; EM143 -

Weight: Larger Piece - 336 cts. or 67.20 grams - more or less

Smaller Piece 169.50 cts. or 33.90 grams - more or less

Larger Piece:
Length: 5.50cm (2.25 inches) - more or less

Front to back: 4.50cm (1 7/8 inches) - more or less

Height: 3.00cm (1 1/8 inches) - more or less

Smaller Piece:

Height: 3.50cm (1.50 inches) - more or less

Width: 2.50cm (1.25 inches) - more or less



Here you are buying 2 separate pieces - combined together for one price - let me tell you about each:
Larger Piece: this specimen has 2 awesome - translucent gemmy - emerald crystals in matrix; the larger crystal is over 2.00cm long (almost one inch - long); and a smaller crystal penetrating into the matrix; this piece is not cleaned on purpose - in order to preserve and maintain its primal energetic state;
Smaller Piece: this is one solid - emerald crystal with a touch of matrix on one side; this crystal broke away from mother rock eons ago; and it is re-healed; this crystal is not cleaned on purpose - in order to preserve and maintain its primal energetic state; this crystal is mostly translucent with great color -
2 - Awesome Pieces for the price of one - A BUY NOW Beauties - -
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