309ct 3 D20 Icosahedron Real Amethyst Quartz Gemstone Hand Carved 213

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309ct 3 - D20 - Icosahedron - Real Amethyst Quartz Gemstone - - #213

Weight combined: 309.00 carats or 61.80 grams (more or less)

Size (average each) 24.00mm or 15/16 inch (more or less)

D20 - Blank - The ever popular, icosahedron - polyhedral - d20; hand crafted in Brazil with all natural - Bolivian amethyst - a beautiful natural purple. The royalty of the quartz family. The royal purple of ascension. The die you see in the pictures are the ones you will receive along with a FREE pouch for each die! These dice are fairly large. I created these Larger on purpose, because I Love the D20’s! My favorite of the polyhedrals - the icosahedron. These are collectible, the first time that I have made these dice!

You will receive a FREE pouch with each die!

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The icosahedrons are hand crafted by artisans in Minas Gerais, Brazil. Because they are hand crafted each one is slightly different in size - by a couple of millimeters or so. 

The ever popular Sacred Geometry shape Icosahedron, a polyhedron, a platonic solid (which was described by Plato); the icosahedron has 20 triangular faces (all equilateral triangles); 30 edges, 12 vertices (corner points) at each vertex - 5 edges meet. The element associated with the icosahedron is the element of water. 

Even though Plato is the one in history best known for the association and “discovery” of Platonic Solids; we know ancient humans knew of their existence long before Plato. For example, a 1000 years before Plato; the platonic solids were shaped out of rock by Neolithic peoples of Britain; the behemoth structures of the Great Pyramids; and of course Stonehenge, and many other sacred sights on the planet.

In Sacred Geometry Robert Lawlor, 1982, page 96: “As Gordon Plummer notes in his book The Mathematics of the Cosmic Mind, the Hindu tradition associates the icosahedron with the Purusha.* Purusha is the seed - image of Brahma, the supreme creator himself, and as such this image is the map or plan of the universe. The Purusha is analogous to the Cosmic Human, the Anthropocosm of the western esoteric tradition. The icosahedron is the obvious choice for this first form, since all other volumes arise naturally out of it.”  


* “The Purusha is all that yet hath been and all that is to be” - Ralph T.H. Griffith

AMETHYST: SOVEREIGNTY, ROYALTY Amethyst: natural purple, a variety of quartz. With the manganese present in quartz the color of purple is gained, various of degrees of iron will vary the purple color. Amethyst the “Royalty” of stones associated with spirituality, soul transformation, peace, calming with a high frequency.

 _gsrx_vers_625 (GS 6.9.7 (625))