3025 ct Green Emerald Crystals in Matrix Large Specimen Cluster Bahia Brazil 121

  • $ 122.00

Weight: 3025 cts. or 605.00 grams or 21.45 ounces (well over one pound) - more or less
Length: 13.00cm (5.00 inches) - more or less
Width: 10.00cm (3.75 inches) - more or less
Thick: 4.50mm (2.00 inches) - more or less

Mostly all Emeralds with some quartz matrix; this is an Awesome solid Specimen - loaded with Emeralds; a great Specimen; a great Collectible - High Energy Cluster for someone who wants the Emerald Energy present in their Life; a great Energetic "Anchor"; - A BUY NOW Collector's Piece - -